Active pregnancy

Project Brief.

Physical activity during pregnancy can have a positive impact on the condition and health of the future mother, as well as on the development of the baby. Exercise, including a balanced diet, is an extremely important part of preventive healthcare. If your pregnancy doctor does not see medical contraindications, you can plan with him a safe and best set of exercises for you.

Is it worth exercising during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a heavy burden on the future mother’s body. Regular and properly adapted to your condition and fitness training set will help you reduce bothersome ailments, among others: backache, swelling of the legs or constipation. Regular physical activity improves the functioning of the whole body: it positively affects the quality of sleep, muscles, joints, and general fitness. Movement will allow you to get back in shape faster after delivery.

What’s more, exercise is one of the best antidepressants. It is easier to deal with stress, depression, nerves, and discharge negative emotions. Regular training can also be a good opportunity to spend time in the company of other future mothers, it will definitely improve your well-being.

What activity should you choose?

Not every sport is suitable for pregnant women. Surely you should give up activities where you can fall or those that require intense effort.

Exercises recommended for future mothers include, among others, gymnastics at birthing school, swimming, walking, aqua aerobics and fitness for pregnant, yoga and Pilates also in the pregnant version. Before making a choice, be sure to consult your doctor’s decision. If you sign up for group classes and you are at the stage of pregnancy, when the tummy is not visible yet, always inform the teacher about your condition.

Safety is the basis, so do not overwork, do the exercises gently, smoothly, slowly – avoid sudden movements. If you feel weak, discontinue activity and inform the class leader about it, and when you train alone, always have a telephone with you so that you can call for help. Avoid training after a meal and constantly hydrate your body with the best quality fluids, such as Baby Drops spring water, which has a positive opinion of the Children’s Health Center.