HACCP System (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System) – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System, is a set of interrelated procedures that implement the food safety management system as a whole, i.e. the haccp system.

PN-EN ISO 22000: 2006 is an international standard specifying requirements in the field of food safety management. It combines the requirements of the HACCP system and Good Practices (Production, Hygienic, Catering, Distribution, etc.) and has a structure analogous to other standards regarding management systems, facilitating the integration of the system with quality management systems and the environment.

Having Halal certification allows you to increase the level of trust and credibility, and thus ultimately cause that you decide to make a purchase from a certified entity. Although his acquisition and control related to his possession are very restrictive and demanding, it is worth putting an effort to finally achieve success in such markets as Turkey, UAE and others.

The “Positive Opinion” program is also a response to the demand of companies that expected from us substantive support in the field of safety and quality of products for children. Due to our experience and authority, we decided to allow producers and distributors to obtain consultations and opinions for children’s products. The quality of products that have received a “Positive Opinion” meets current standards as well as recommendations for ensuring the proper development of children.

The Consumer Laurel is the largest nationwide consumer project, in which customers choose the best products, brands and services in various categories. Each year, the plebiscite answers one of the basic questions: which products and services are currently the most popular in their group.