Project Brief.

Intellectual development of a child from the first days of life

Every parent would like to raise a little genius. There are a few good practices that will support your child’s intellectual development, memory and creativity. It is worth remembering about them.

Healthy diet

There are many ways to stimulate a child’s intellectual development. Good practices are best started at the pregnancy stage mm. in. using a healthy diet rich in products containing omega-3 fatty acids. The expectant mother should take care of her health and well-being. Regular drinking of water will help alleviate many unpleasant ailments. During the day, pregnant women should consume at least 3 liters of the best quality water, such as Baby Drops spring water, which can also be given to children from the first day of life.

Sensory development

When a baby appears in the world, the most important thing is his contact with his parents. This is the best source of stimuli. The first relationships with guardians build a sense of security and love, which are fundamental to the child’s proper development.

Touch is one of the first external stimuli that the Baby receives. Gentle stroking, hugging, body massage not only build the emotional bond, but also positively affect the child’s natural immune system, improve blood circulation and have a calming effect. On the other hand, hugging and rocking play a key role in the development of motor coordination and balance.

The sense of hearing also develops very early. Nothing calms the baby as much as the pleasant and tender voice of mom or dad. Commenting on activities performed with the child, reading books, singing or playing gentle melodies not only supports the child’s development, but is also an irreplaceable way to train his memory, concentration and develop a sense of rhythm.

In the first weeks of life, the baby begins to look at its surroundings. He focuses on the faces of his loved ones, learns to receive emotions and signals. You can also prepare special illustrations with clear and contrasting images. The toddler does not yet see clearly enough, so it is worth gradually enriching visual stimuli with more details, colors, shapes.

First physical games

Performing movement sequences and encouraging the toddler to be active develops his physical condition as well as intelligence. Handle and leg movements, rolling and falling over can be turned into interesting fun using a cheerful nursery rhyme or a stimulating toy.

These are just some of the many good practices that positively affect a child’s intellectual development. The key is to ensure a sense of security and love, which guarantees frequent and close contact with loved parents.