Project Brief.

Physical activity ensures proper psychomotor development of the child. It also regulates normal body weight and strengthens the immunity of the young body. It is also a positive effect on well-being and mental performance. Even such an early chosen sport can become a real passion and in the future a way of life.

For a small athlete to develop properly and achieve the desired success, he must have a healthy diet that will provide him with an adequate supply of energy substances and the right level of hydration. Children who train intensively are exposed to fatigue and frequent injuries, which is why healthy eating habits are so important.

The demand for fluids in a young athlete exceeds the daily norm by 0.5 – 1L per day. The body produces more heat and sweats more intensively, which means more fluid loss. It is more prone to overheating and dehydration. Without adequate hydration, endurance, speed, concentration decreases, the young athlete feels more tired, and as a result he achieves weaker results.

During exercise, children often forget to drink liquids, so it’s good to develop positive drinking habits. Remember to give your child water / drinks without artificial colors and excess sugar. Still soda, sweetened, fruit drinks that don’t provide proper hydration are still quite popular among young athletes. Here, you need good spring water that is still, like Baby Drops.

If a child is reluctant to drink water, he or she can be encouraged by a colored bottle or water bottle. Baby Drops water has a comfortable bottle that has the optimal shape and size. It fits in the child’s hand and stands firmly on the ground. In addition, it is equipped with a comfortable non-spill stopper. It comes in two versions, pink – perfect for a young athlete and blue – the best for a young athlete.